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Our Bundle of boxes includes 6 boxes indiviudally packed for each person. These Ultimate Boxes can be used with friends in person or through video calling. The Ultimate Boxes are filled with fun activities and games to fill a party event of 60 to 90 minutes.


The boxes can be posted to one or multiple addresses!


Each Ultimate Box:Dinosaur includes (items may vary from picture); 

  • Full instructions and time line
  • Mini Box:Dinosaur (2 dinosaurs, 2 magnets, Pom-poms, Sequins, Jewels, Buttons, Pva glue, Glue spreader)
  • Mini Box: Mug Cake (Mug, Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Oil, Vanilla, Sprinkles,)
  • Mini Box:Dinosaur glitter (Self-adhesive picture, Glitter tubes, Pva glue, Glue spreader)
  • Mini Box:Dinosaur egg (Dinosaur, Baking soda, food colouting, pipette, plastic egg, mini mixing bowl, spoon)
  • Mini Box:Dino scratch art (2 dinosaur shapes, scratching tool)
  • Roll a Dino game
  • Mould it game
  • Bingo game

Ultimate Box: Dinosaur Bundle

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